A founder,an employee,a room,and a vision.And a customer who believed in them.That was the beginning.Today BrownField Ltd.is a well-established company that operates in two countries and employs more than 300 people. We want to be a global apparel company that cares. We started our journey in 2008 as a garment agency and trading house since then we are the leading Garments & Textile goods manufacturing, design, development, sourcing, and Logistics Company for many retailers and brands around the world.

In 2016 we started our manufacturing unit for knit items named Needle & Stitch Apparels. Apart from our manufacturing units, we also have a unit consist 27 peoples with a biz volume US $ 28 million, where we focus to give quality service to our customers dedicating more on value addition, product development, design & technical support.

We specialize in responsibly managing supply chains of high-volume, time-sensitive goods. Read more

Brown Field LTD,

is one of the growing up manufacturers in the knit apparel textile market with a long tradition of quality and customer satisfaction. Our company is Sister concern of mother company BrownField Ltd. The company employs 75 people in house. Production is mainly made up by knitted outerwear garments using 100% cotton and cotton / mixed fabrics. Monthly production is in access of 200,000 pcs of T-shirt. Our company has an experienced management team to improve both running systems in the factory and efficiencies of production lines. Form Factory is continuously making new improvements, to be a long-term strategic partner with the clients. As a part of our total Quality Management Philosophy, we are continuously searching for options in lowering our costs to give the best price with the best quality to our customers. Working on new concepts in styling and content of the knitwear is a continuous activity in our company with an objective to up the quality and the value of merchandise. This year in which International business is started, we concentrated all its strengths and resources in developing a wide range of knitwear for the international market. We are also quite conscious of its social obligations and employees welfare measures our social policy is fully in accordance with the laws of our country.


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